Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ICOAS 2018


Q: Why don’t I receive any emails?
A: The committee will answer emails in 2×24 hours at maximum, otherwise please kindly check your SPAM.


Q: Is the conference only for an individual presenter or a group presenters?
A: It can be for both.


Q: I have more than one presenters. Do I have to pay €100 for every presenter?
A: No, only one person that has to pay €100, while the rest are  €75


Q: Where do I submit my abstract?
A: After signing up, you can submit your abstract trough your account profile.


Q: I want to join the conference but I have some financial problems, can I ask for some financial support to join the conference?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t have a kind of scholarship scheme at the moment. However, we can issue a formal letter of acceptance once your abstract is accepted, then you can use the letter for the sponsorship purposes to some relevant institutions in your town.


Q: is there any guest house available I can use?
A: accommodation is not provided, but we will have recommendation of hotels (coming soon) that can offer you a discounted price (Ilunion atrium is one of them). Another option would be looking at airbnb.com, booking.com, hostelworld.com.