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International Conference on ASEAN Studies (ICOAS) invites students, lecturers, researchers, NGOs and government officials to re-reading Southeast Asia in their perspectives. The word of ASEAN has two meanings in this conference: 1) countries in the Southeast Asia; and 2) ASEAN as a regional organization in Southeast Asia. This way, it will give more flexibility to the interested participants in joining the program. As a reflection of ASEAN in its 50th anniversary this year, and more youths of ASEAN studying abroad, the conference will be a productive stage to evaluate and improve ASEAN (as countries and organization) in many angels and perspectives for better ASEAN in the near future.

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Re-reading Southeast Asia: Multi-perspective Approaches

Sub-themes (but not limited to):

  • Economy
  • Social
  • Regional civil society
  • Regional governance
  • Diplomacy
  • Politics
  • Borders
  • Citizenship
  • Public Health
  • Migration and Refugee


Important Dates

15 Sept 2017 : Call for abstract
30 Oct 2017 : Deadline of abstract submission
16 Nov 2017 : Abstract acceptance notification
16 Dec 2017 : Deadline of Registration
1 Feb 2018 : Full paper submission deadline
20-24 Mar 2018 : International Conference



Abstract Submission Guidelines

The abstract should fit into the theme and must discuss a clear research field and highlight the core subject of the paper. It should include the background of the study, problem/s and objectives of the paper, methodology, results and findings and conclusion. It should contain a minimum of 300 words and no more than 350 words, including title of the paper and keywords, be written in English, not be published elsewhere.


Paper Submission Guidelines
Please read the following carefully for important guidelines regarding the final submission of your paper:


LANGUAGE: The full text must be in English.

TYPE: Authors must use Times New Roman (TNR) font only with a pt. size of 12 throughout the paper except for table titles.

FILE FORMAT: Use the Word file (doc), NOT pdf, to produce your document. Paper size MUST be in short paper layout 8.5”x11”   (215.9 mm x 279.4 mm).

TITLE: Write in bold, Times New Roman (TNR) font with a pt. size of 12; use center alignment for your title.

AUTHOR: The author’s name(s) and affiliation should appear below the title in capital and lower case letters. Author’s name(s) should follow the following format: bold TNR with 12 pt. size  Affiliation should follow the following format: italics, TNR with 12 pt. size.

ABSTRACT: Abstract should not exceed 350 words. A font of TNR with 12 pt size must be used having a left and right indent of 0.5 inch. The abstract should not contain tables, images or footnotes. Also, include a 3-6 keywords separated with a comma, written in italics.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Provide a brief biographical note right after keywords indicating the complete name of the author(s), affiliation and educational background.

BODY: The body of the paper should be in 12 TNR font with line spacing at 1. Margins: Left 1.5”, Right, Top and Bottom 1.0”; Use in-text reference example: (Chua, 2012: 5-6).

PAGE: The entire paper should not exceed 15 pages. Do not give number on the page.

FIGURE: Provide enough space in each image so its title would appear clear and readable. Write the title of the image below it. The word “Figure 1.” should be written in bold TNR with a pt. size of 12, written in italics.

TABLES: The title for every table should be written above it and if there are units, it should be written inside a bracket. Use TNR 10 pt. size for the table texts. Do not show a line chart. You may use legends if necessary and place it below the table.

REFERENCES: References should be in APA style written in TNR 12 pt size.

The following should be included in your full paper:

Research Objectives
Significance of the Study
Conceptual Framework
Result and Discussion