Recommended Accommodation [keeps listing..]

The most important aspect in finding accommodation in Madrid is the one that closes to Metro Station. Once you are there, Metro will take you anywhere, most places are reached by it and the rest of the places can be reached by changing to other public transportation (like Trains and Buses) which is integrated with Metro Station. Here are the list [will keep listing continuously] of recommendation we have so far.

  1. Hotel Nuevo Madrid
    4-stars hotel and the price range is from 50-80 EUR/night. The nearest public transportation to the Indonesian Embassy is Bus No. 70, and will take you for about 30 minutes (see the map). And Metro Line 1 will take you around 1-hour to La Corrala (see the map).
  2. Hotel Abba Madrid
    4-stars hotel and the price around 108 EUR/night. Bus No 200 will take you around 27 mins to get Indonesian Embassy (see the map); and It will take you around 35 mins to get La Corrala by Metro Line 5 (see the map).
  3. Urban Sea Hotel Atocha 113
    1-star hotel and the price is around 71 EUR/night per room. It will take you around 45 mins by Metro and around 11 mins by walking.
  4. Casa de Huéspedes Lourdes
    An apartment and the price range 48-55 EUR/night. To Indonesian Embassy will be around 1-hour by Bus No 53 (see the map); and will take you around 18 mins by Metro Line 5 to La Corrala (see the map).
  5. Hostal Victoria I & II
  6. Hostal El Pilar
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  • The prices above are only estimation and obtained from, which is obviously subject to change.
  • Check several online agents such as,, and many others and compare their prices including the one that accommodation offers.