Transportation in Madrid

Public Transport

Public Transportation in Madrid is integrated among Metro (Subway), Bus (EMT), Metro Ligero (Tram), and Renfe (Train).

The ticket is valid for all these transportation. However, the ticket is charged every time you change the mode of transportation, for example from Metro to Bus.

Prices of ticket

Single Trip of Zone A : 1.50 EUR

Unlimited Trip:


  • Día means day in Spanish
  • Zona A is the city centre or you can learn all Zonas here
  • More info and sources is from here

Upon arrival at the airport of Madrid, you can choose options of transportation to get you to the city.

Bus: You can get on the bus by 5 EUR to take you to the city. See the detail information about it here
Price: 5 EUR

Metro (Subway): in all terminals (1 -4) of Madrid Airport, you can take Metro Line 8 with the final destination: Nuevos Ministerios which is connected with Metro Line 6 and 7.
See the map of Metro here
Price: 4.50 – 5 EUR

Renfe (Train): If you are landing at terminal 4, you can take Renfe C1 with the final destination Principe Pio which is connected with Metro Line.
Price: 2.60 EUR
See the map of Renfe here

Taxi: If you carry a lot of stuffs, then probably taxi is the better choice.
Price: 30 EUR (Flat, including your baggage)